Pay Per Click Advertising

PPC advertising and  Google ads management

Pay Per Click advertising is an effective means of boosting leads, revenue and website traffic very quickly.

PPC is a fundamental form of advertising to audiences specifically looking for your products or services. Expand your reach across the internet with Google Ads, Facebook Ads, Bing Ads and Instagram Ads.

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Our Bespoke PPC Advertising Packages

If you want to boost your online exposure immediately, PPC advertising is a powerful solution for any business. All of our PPC campaigns are managed by professionals who design a campaign to suit your specific company requirements. Campaigns can be built to target single location businesses and all the way up to large multinationals.

Read below to understand what our packages include:

What's Included in our PPC Advertising Services

Ad Content & Design

Your online adverts must capture their audiences attention within a few seconds whilst using keywords they are searching for. We know how to do this.

Keyword Research

Our keyword research digs deep into your industry and the customers within, to find the keywords that produce the highest quantity of leads for the best ROI.

PPC Optimisation

Once campaigns are live, the cost-per-click and the bid-position of your keywords needs to deliver good ROI. This requires testing and retesting constantly.


Re-marketing is a cost efficient way of constantly reminding people who have visited your website, that your products and services still exist in the future.

PPC Audit

A complete audit reveals new opportunities and minimises overspending. Regular audits allow for constant campaign improvements.

Monthly Reports

Our service includes monthly reports and analysis on your campaigns performance. Reporting includes ROI tracking, cost-per-click and cost per client acquisition.

What Results to Expect from Our Pay per click advertising Packages:

Increased Website Traffic

Online advertising increases your visibility by positioning your business at the top of Google. As a result, more traffic will visit your website.

Increased Profit Potential

Our professionals optimise your PPC campaigns and find ways to reduce the cost-per-click, (CPC) whilst increasing the click-through-rate (CTR).

Increased call-in leads

Increasing your target audience website traffic will result in you speaking with a higher quantity of high quality leads, looking for your products and services.

Increased lead quality

Campaigns that deliver high quality results, utilise a host of targeting strategies such as demographics, net wealth, time of day and much more.

Increased advertising control

Search engine advertising gives you the power to determine where, when, the amount you want to spend and the length of time you want to spend it.

Increased Mobile Customers

Adapt advertising to be device specific to ensure you reach the right target market. Mobile devices amount to more than 50% of paid search clicks online.

Our standard PPC Advertising Plans


The perfect plan for businesses looking to dominate their local market. Ideal for search engine advertising only.

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Social Media

The right plan for companies only looking to advertise to target markets via social media channels.

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Search & SOcial

The best option for large advertising campaigns across search engine marketing and social media marketing.

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How Does Search Advertising Work?

Pay-per-click advertising utilises search engines to advertise a website within the top three positions on a Google results page. Each time an online user clicks on a link, the advertiser pays a small fee for positioning their advert in a place where their target market will find them. Engaging content is required in order to capture their attention and encourage them to click the advert.

There are different types of PPC ads, the most common form is paid search. These are the ads that appear at the top of online search engines such as Google. These ads can display on any type of device such as laptops, desktops and mobiles when a user searches, for example: "SEO services near me" or "web design company in (location)". Searches like this will trigger an ad to display on a search engine.

If you would like to harness the power that PPC advertising offers, please give us a call or send us an email to begin advertising today.

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