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Social Media Marketing is more than just posting images and sharing content with your friends. Does your presence have a purpose or a strategy?

Social media websites are powerful tools that can be used to connect with your fans and community, build dedicated customers and establish relationships with brand advocates.

Allow us to build a bespoke social media strategy to meet your specific brand needs.

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Our Social Media Marketing Packages

Social media is used globally and connects our planet together via website such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube etc. and these tools offer unique ways to build relationships with fans and customers. Building a successful social media marketing strategy can help your brand establish new relationships and gain new followers through your network, in an effort to further publicise your brand, products and services.

We will build a bespoke social marketing plan for your organisation to help you reach your goals however large or small your focus wants to be. Contact us to learn more about what we can do for your brand today.

What's Included in our Social Media Marketing Services

Social Media Audit

We begin with an initial audit of all your social media accounts to ensure they are all aligned and set up correctly. We want your brand to be continuous across all.

Organic Strategy

Our organic strategy checks all profiles, bio's and regular posting use the most effective hashtags, targeting and relevant platforms to reach your goals.

Promos & Contests

Entice followers and advocates with photo and video promotions, contests and giveaways. Allow their word of mouth to promote your brand further.

Influencer Marketing

Brand and industry research will reveal the best influencers currently active in your market. We will form collaborative relationships to help boost your brand.

Content Marketing

Content is king. It's the main marketing currency for gaining authority online. On-page content, press releases, regular blogs and eBooks are recommended.

Social Media Ads

Advertising via social networks can give insightful knowledge into audience demographics. It's also very effective for reaching immediate results.

What to Expect from aSocial media marketing Agency

Increased Follower Engagement

Communicate directly with your community in a place they socialise in an environment of comfort. Develop devoted relationships with your brand.

Increased Brand advocates

Building a brand that people can connect to and feel a part of is the ultimate way to increase people who will advocate your brand throughout their network.

Increased followers / leads

Social media tools offer another form of paid advertising, similar to Google PPC ads. Targeting via social media can be more effective for some brands.

Increased online Authority

Millions of people turn to social media to look for answers to their questions. Build a reputation with your online community as the brand with the answers.

Increased Enjoyment & Entertainment

The variety of social media platforms creates numerous opportunities to be creative and diverse in your approach to engaging your community.

Increased Marketing capacity

Connecting directly to your community is a powerful way to announce exciting new events and material that you plan to release. Build a hype before the event.

Our standard Social Media Marketing Plans

Organic Social Media

The perfect choice for brands or companies looking to increase their online social media presence on one or many social media platforms.

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Social media advertising

The ideal plan for brands or businesses that would like to accelerate their social media marketing strategy with social advertising platforms.

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The best option for large corporations that would like a bespoke package designed to suit the needs and scope of the custom project.

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