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16 Website Development FAQs

With the advancement of technology, everything has moved online and it is the job of web designers is to attract traffic to a website by making it appealing and interactive.

Web design refers to the designing of websites that are portrayed on the internet. It is different from software development as it corresponds to the user experience aspect of websites. A web designer is responsible for the appearance, layout, format, and in some rare cases, the contents of a website.

If you are new to the world of web design, here are a few of the most frequently asked questions about website development.

All clients begin their search marketing experience with an exploratory call with one of our professionals. After understanding your specific needs and requirements, our team will undertake a detailed analysis of your existing website and the industry in which is operates. Based on our findings we create a bespoke strategy specifically designed to achieve your goals in the fastest, most cost effective and efficient way.

Every client and their needs are different, therefore there is no off-the-shelf or quick fix when it comes to online marketing. Our approach to creating a bespoke strategy for your current situation is the fastest way we know from our industry experience.
Our approach focuses on the statistics that provide results; new conversions, new customers and new sales. SEO in these modern times requires a comprehensive approach and our tailored services cover all aspects of search marketing to help you.

2.      Do you redesign existing websites?

Redesigning websites is absolutely a possibility and we do it! It is important to protect the sanctity of the existing website while redesigning it and to make sure your reasons for the redesign are valid. Approaching a redesign sensitively is the way to go for the success of the website, especially from an ROI point of view.

3.      What size company do you produce web designs for?

It does not matter to us whether we work for big celebrity clients or smaller clients, we bring in the same amount of hard work and energy into each project. We like to work with all sorts of businesses and try to do a job we are proud of.

4.      Will my website work on smartphones and tablets as well as my desktop?

Mobile responsive web design is extremely crucial these days as people access your site via small screens now more than ever. So if your website is not available on smartphones and tablets, you are at risk of losing potential traffic to your site. Therefore, every website that we design is mobile responsive and works as well on small screens as it does on big ones.

5.      Can web designers help with my social media?

Web designers work specifically in the field of designing websites and making their user interface interactive and friendly. We do not offer social media management with our services but some web design firms do.

6.      How much does a website cost?

This is probably the most frequently asked question about web design among people. The cost of a website depends solely on your needs and wants, but we make sure we offer you the best package. Different web designing firms cost more if they have worked with celebrities and big brands before, but not us. We deliver the best value for money with work that we are proud of. If you are still confused, contact us and ask us for a quote.

7.      Can you help me rank high in Google?

Yes, we can. Ranking on the first page on google was once an easy feat but not anymore. Thankfully, we have an in-depth understanding of SEO tools and are experts on how to maximize the chances of your websites.

8.      Are there any additional costs for my website development?

Other than the web designing fee, there may be some additional charges for your website especially if you host through us. Things like photos and other similar content can cost you money if you have none of your own to provide. But we make sure to use free stock photos wherever we can to reduce these additional costs.

9.      What is WordPress?

 WordPress is a free online platform where web designers and website developers build our websites for free. It is extremely flexible and functional which makes it easy to update your website with fresh content. It is one of our and millions of business owners’ favorite sites and can be used for several types of websites; from small businesses to e-commerce sites.

10.  Can you convert my existing website to WordPress?

Yes, we can convert your existing website to WordPress but you mustn’t lose search engine visibility. But don’t worry, we will cover that too.

11.  If WordPress is free, why do I pay you?

WordPress is a free platform to use after your site is up and running. We only charge you for the design process but once the design stage is complete, you don’t have to pay to keep it active on WordPress.

12.  How long do SEO results take?

According to statistics, most SEO cases take about 4 months to a year to see positive results in your favor. It takes time for it to help your business and then you eventually see the potential benefit.

13.  Can I purchase my domain?

Yes you can purchase your domain and we can take to designing your website from there. But if you have any problems with setting up your domain, we can take care of it too.

14.  Will I be able to update my site when it’s finished?

Yes, you will be able to manage your website by yourself once it is up and running. You can learn to manage the site by watching tutorials, comprehensive videos, and if you have any confusion, feel free to contact us.

15.  Who writes the content for the site?

Usually, you are responsible for the content of your site. It is better if it comes from you as it makes the entire process original. But if you need help with it, some copywriters can write up your website content for you at a price.

16.  Do I have to be local to work with you?

You do not have to be local to work with us. We have worked with clients from around the globe. If you are not local, we will keep you in the loop throughout the web design process.

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