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Generate Website Traffic with an Email Marketing Strategy

An effective email marketing campaign can generate a huge surge in website traffic and sales, when executed in the right way.

A smart campaign can be the key to building strong relationships, driving sales and maintaining pre-existing relations with customers. Emails are used by almost every company and online user on the planet, therefore when a campaign is executed correctly, it can provide great returns.

​Allow us to create a bespoke marketing plan for your brand and harness the potential you have sitting in your inbox right now.

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Our Email Marketing Services

The internet keeps providing countless examples of companies that have achieved extraordinary results from email campaigns when executed correctly. Our team have experience creating engaging content, designing attractive email templates and wrapping all of that up into a strategic email campaign that drives traffic to websites, landing pages or social media accounts.

Read below to learn more about the email services that we offer to companies of all sizes:

What's Included in our Bespoke Email Services

Content Consultation

All companies and industries are different, their needs too, so we begin with a consultation to learn what content and strategy is right for your project.

Website Integration

Adding elements such as newsletter and promotional giveaways to your website can be an effective way to gain email accounts to build your campaign.

Email Automation

Automating parts of the campaign ensures we treat every lead equally. If someone provides their contact details, we want to acknowledge and thank them.

Creating Incentives

As a society we can tell when something is generic and we don't like it. Converting website traffic needs to feel personal and offer an incentive to your audience.

Email Templates

Automating work reduces errors and maintains consistency. Our team will create templates to save time and improve effectiveness.

E-commerce Websites

Online stores require a more dedicated approach to continue driving customers back to a website and buy more. Special offers and promotions are examples.

What to Expect from an Email Marketing Strategy

Increased Conversions / Traffic

Intelligently designed email campaigns will encourage receivers to take action via the form of Click-to-Action (CTA) points within the content.

Increased Lead Quantity

Email campaigns can proactively target and reach customers new and old, sometimes more cost efficiently compared to other methods.

Increased Lead Conversions

Targeting customers that you already have and promoting the right products or services at the right time will increase chances of increased sales.

Increased Customer Engagement

Regular and targeted emails will encourage new and existing customers to continue returning to your website again and again.

Increased Click Through Rate

Certain campaigns are designed as a story, to engage leads and customers at different stages of the buying process. Start a campaign to learn more.

Increased Customer Connection

Capturing email addresses on your website from people who have signed up are far more likely to purchase from you again if targeted correctly.

Our Email Marketing Plans
Basic Campaign
497 Per Month
  • The right plan to start building a contact list of interested customers and establishing communication with them to promote your offerings.
Advanced Campaign
997 Per Month
  • The ideal plan for companies looking to take their email campaigns to the next level. Targeting, story building and re-marketing.
Bespoke Project
Custom Per Month
  • The best option for large corporations that would like a bespoke package designed to suit the needs and scope of larger projects.
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